COFFEE: @vibrantcoffeeroasters

Drip 2.50 sm  3.00 med 3.50 lrg

Espresso 1.00 single 2.00 double  3.00 triple 4.00 quad

Latte 3.00 sml 3.50 lrg (Iced for an extra 25 cents)

Cappuccino 3.00 sml

Iced Coffee 2.75 sml 3.25 med 3.75 lrg

Flas Brew 3.25 sml 3.75 med 4.25 lrg

Cold Brew 3.75 sml 4.00 med 4.50 lrg

Americano 2.00 sml 3.00 med 3.75 lrg


(Flavors:Mocha/Vanilla/Caramel extra 50 cents)

Smoothies($6 for small $7 for Large)

Peanut Butter Smoothie

Banana/Peanut Butter/Almond or Whole Milk/ Vanilla Greek Yogurt

Strawberry Smoothie

Strawberry/Banana/Whole or Almond or Soy Milk/Vanilla Greek Yogurt

Mixed Berry Smoothie

Almond or Whole Milk/Banana/Mixed Berry/Vanilla Greek Yogurt

Mango Smoothie

Mango Nectar/Orange Juice/Banana/Mango/Vanilla Greek Yogurt

Peanut Butter Cup 

Cocoa powder/peanut butter/ milk/ banana

Green Smoothie 

Kale, banana, almond butter, agave, plant milk

Soft Drinks

Bottled Water( $1)

Lemonade ($2 sml $3 lrg)

Iced Tea ($2 sml $3 lrg)

Orange Juice( $2 sml $3 lrg)

Grapefruit Juice($2 sml $3 lrg)

Teas: @crafteaguy

Black Tea ($1.50 sml $2.50 lrg)

Green Tea ($1.50 sml $2.50 lrg)

Decaf Tea (1.50 sml 2.50 lrg)

Craft Tea (2.00 Sml 3.00 lrg)

AM MENU (7am-12:00pm)


Waffles (Vegan or Reg)

Strawberry ($4.25)

Blueberry ($4.25)

Sweet potato ($4.25)

Banana ($4.25)

Plain ($3.25)



Cinnamon Raisin



$.50 each

Earth Balance

Cream Cheese


Peanut Butter


Breakfast Platter

Choose 3 Items

Egg or Tofu Scramble/Cheese Grits or Home Fries/Fruit/Choice of Waffle ($10.50)

  Vegan Sausage for ($1.50)

Breakfast Sandwich

Egg or Tofu 

Vegan Cheese or Cheddar

($ 4)

All Omelettes Come w/ Home Fries & Plain Waffle

Garden Omelette ($8.50)

Spanish Omelette ($8.50)

Vegan Sausage Omelette ($10.00)

PM MENU (12pm-7pm)

Chicken Salad Wrap ($8.50)

(Vegan Chicken Salad/Romaine Lettuce/Pickles/Tomato/Vegan Mayo)

Veggie Wrap ($8.00)
Broccoli/Carrots/Zucchini/Spinach/Sweet Pepper/Onion

Quesadilla ($9.00)

Vegan Chicken or Beef/Peppers/Onions/Cheddar/vegan cheese /Pico/Sour Cream

Vegan Cheesesteak ($10.00)

Onions/Pepper/Vegan Mayo/Vegan Chesse

Chickpea Burger ($8.25)

Romaine Lettuce/Tomato/Vegan Mayo

BLT ($7)

Romaine Lettuce/Tomato/coconut bacon

Cheese Hoagie ($7.50)

Romaine/tomato/Pickles/Onion/Mix Cheeses


Show Menu(5pm-10pm)


(2 for $5 or 3 for $7)

Vegan Chicken/Peppers/Onions/Romaine Lettuce/Pico/Cheddar/vegan cheese 

Burritos ($10)

 Rice/Beans/Romaine Lettuce/Peppers/Onions/Sour Cream/Cheddar/vegan cheese/Avocado/Pico

Quesadillas ($9)

Vegan Chicken/Peppers/Onions/Cheddar/vegan cheese /Pico/Sour Cream

Pizza ($6)

Marinara/Mozzarella/Peppers/Onions/Vegan Chicken

 Available All Day

Bagels and Spreads (2.50)

Chips and Guac ($3.75)

Pita and Hummus ($5)

Vegan Chicken and Waffles( $9)

Fruit ($.75)

Vegan Pastries (Prices Vary)


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