In May 2011, as a local Philadelphia based Artist & Musician (along-side friends, family, neighbors, musicians, artists, & the local Point Breeze community) we took over ownership of the old Pharmacy building on 18th & Wharton, in the heart of Point Breeze, Philadelphia.

After the first year of demolition, zoning, community groups, permits, licenses, construction, & promotion, the Point Breeze neighborhood finally saw one of the only coffee shops West of Broad St. open for business on January 18th, 2014 after passing final inspections.

As many of you may or may not have noticed, our connection to the Arts & Music comes from the Latin-American Family Ownership, particularly Gary Viteri, a local Artist & Musician.

After recovering from a leg injury in 2009, UPenn offered me a settlement after their facilities truck crushed my right leg. It was only after recovering from this mental & financial trauma that we started the process of looking for the right space to combine my own experience from over a decade of traveling the globe in the Music Industry with all the Arts & Culture elements that have influenced me from my South American background.

From Latin-American coffee blends paired w/ Local & International Arts & Music Events, to organizing benefits for Autism, Prison Libraries, Legal Defense Funds, LGBTQ & POC Fundraisers & Community Workshops alongside over 300+ Live Events per year.

Since 2011, KirkV, a name founded in honor of my brother Kirk Viteri, formed an LLC in order to meet requirements for the purchase of our commercial property. As Kirk’s brother, seeing his involvement w/ the Autistic & Special Needs Community, as well as our strong Family of Latinx Immigrants surrounding us w/ their Art & Musical Influence since our childhood; we were inspired to create a Community based space, not just for those in the neighborhood community, but in all of these Communities that were crucial to our upbringing.

In more recent years, after one of our annual property inspections, the City rezoned the basement portion of the property for “Radio, Television, & Recording Services” which was formerly where many of you from the local community may have met Alex & AceFacePrint Studio.

Since then, we have started to finish the spaces below the cafe for Recording & Rehearsal Rooms for local bands & music projects. AceFace Printing is now in the back-space.

Now after a decade since my Injury & now our 8th year of owning the property, we are ready to revamp/update the menu for Spring/Summer & launch the studio spaces in April. STAY TUNED for more exciting Spring Announcements & Additions.

NEW for 2019:
PHARMACY: (coffee//gallery//music) & ALTERNATIVE UNDERGROUND have launched the Audio/Visual & Creative Studios below the Cafe. After the alarming demand for the events in the cafe over the years, the spaces below are now fully zoned & outfitted for Audio/Video/Broadcast/Recording/Rehearsal Studio Services.

Formerly in the basement space, Alex & Ace Face Print Studio is now located in the Backspace for Screen Printing & Merchandising clients.

For 2019 booking inquiries requesting the Backspace, we are now hosting the smaller events in the new Studio spaces. We have launched these smaller shows as Live Studio Sessions which we will release monthly on our sites.

With over 1000+ Live Events over the years here, THANK YOU for the constant support from the staff, neighbors, regulars, & the hundreds of local/national Artists & Musicians that choose PHARMACY as a part of their tour or event. We hope to see you again in 2019!

PHARMACY: coffee//gallery//music
“Feel the Breeze”

Studio & Live Booking Inquiries:
Cafe & Coffee Inquries:
Art & Visual Inquiries:

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F R I D A Y: 01/18


ft: Julia Pratt

7pm Doors; 8pm Showcase

All Ages; RSVP

M A I N S T A G E:

8pm Doors; 9pm Show

21+ BYO w/ Valid ID; RSVP

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