opened the paper and realized 2 years ago today i got the keys to a medical clinic/pharmacy. people thought i was crazy to try to build something from nothing in a neighborhood that was abandoned. like anything ive ever owned or bought, its old and beaten, abandoned, used, worn down, and i fix it. people spread rumors as they tend to do, tried to stop me from involving music there, put me through mental and physical breakdowns, and i lost almost everything that was familiar to me before the last couple years. now i walk through my neighborhood and everyone has dollar signs in their eyes. id just like to thank anyone that has been there for me through these past couple years. we will announce our opening later this week and the city paper has a story about me coming out that will shed some light on it. heres what my horoscope said when i flipped to the back. i feel like the luckiest guy on earth more and more everyday. this summer will make up for everything ♥


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